Fellow bloggers….a category for you!

Fellow bloggers and friends, I’d like to start a category for all my friends and bloggers who might have something important to say.  Not saying that EVERYTHING you say is important.  But when it is something you urge to be shared or if it touches me in that way that only some things can, I will re-post your blog entry or award here.  If you go to the categories I will add “BLOGGERS & FRIENDS”.

The first addition to the new category is Micki Peluso’s  recent interview.

I hope we all utilize this category to the best of it’s ability and share those things that are really IMPORTANT to get out and/or something that just needs to be said somewhere else besides on your blog.  I thank you and I hope this is a good idea.


3 thoughts on “Fellow bloggers….a category for you!

  1. Lori, Thank you so much for placing my interview on your blog. You’re the best!! Although I think everyone must be tired of reading it by now 🙂



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