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My name is Lori Foroozandeh and my life started out with physical abuse at 6 months old to  the point of being taken away from my parents.  When my adoptive family took me they told me I had cigarette burns all over my body, and sores on my butt from never getting my diaper changed.  Wait it gets better from here:

  • At 11 I was molested by my adoptive brother.
  • At 18 I had my first child, enlisted in the army and married my recruiter.
  • Went AWOL from the army due to my husband ran off with another woman and took my son.
  • Soon after this I became a truck driver to stay mobile so the MP’s wouldn’t catch me for being AWOL.
  • At 27 I met and eventually married a middle eastern man who turned out to be a terrorist and took me to Iran and wouldn’t let me return to the USA.
  • The day after 911 I was put into a POW type camp in the middle of nowhere, Iran.  I was tortured, beaten and raped for six weeks.  Eventually escaped and got back to the USA.

So yes my life has been eventful and you can read about all my ordeals in my award winning book;  “Lori’s Song”.  Available on Amazon and through my website.


My website is:  www.loris-song.com

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