Memorial Day 2015

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Americans across our nation will pause tomorrow to observe Memorial Day.  Since it’s first official observation on May 5th 1868, when it was called Decoration Day, it has been a day of remembrance for those who sacrificed and died in our nations wars and in service And while it was originally dedicated to honor Civil War service men, today we use it as a celebration to honor ALL THOSE MEN AND WOMEN who have fought for our freedom.

To those who died securing peace and  freedom;  To those who served in conflict to protect our land, and sacrificed their dreams of the day to preserve the hope of our nation ­keeping America  the land of the free for over two centuries ­ we owe our thanks and our honor.  It is important to not only recognize their service but  to respect  their devotion to duty  and to ensure that  the purpose for which they fought will never be forgotten!

In today’s world where there are SO MANY soldiers dying in conflict in the Middle East It  is important to realize what these soldiers endure.  These wars are especially important to preserve our freedom and protect American citizens from harm from BOMBINGS, etal.   Although in my personal opinion I think we should have just bombed certain areas and got rid of the terrorist all at once.  Go bomb everywhere then we can relax,  (JK)

I know only too well what our soldiers face in the Middle East.  While I was not in the military I did live in Iran for four years where I was treated like a dog, and slapped if I walked too close to my husband.  I witnessed women getting hung , and almost met my own death in a POW type camp the day after 9/11.   So if these “monsters” treat their own people like this then just imagine what our soldiers go through being seen as the ULTIMATE ENEMY in the Middle East.

I guess on this day I’m saying “SALUTE” to all of you brave individuals, I only wish you well and pray to protect your lives.  I cannot say enough how thankful I am that you fight so hard for people in America that you don’t even know, and uphold our values, morality and life.

I think we all should take a good long look at the sacrifices these soldiers make and if you see one, salute them and thank them for protecting us.   GOD BLESS!!