We all need a little HUMOR!

If we can’t laugh then it all makes life worthwhile!  I hope I don’t offend anyone.

I’ve made a LOT OF EXCUSES for why I’m overweight but this one takes the cake.

Well theres a few for today, I will see if it is offensive to anyone before I continue.  And oh wait my two kitties are gold to me so of course I have a LOT OF KITTY HUMOR!


2 thoughts on “We all need a little HUMOR!

  1. Lori, I got the cartoon from someone else and I thought it was hysterical–especially the last one. Glad I got you here–your view will be done tonight–and good thing as I’ve had dreams about it every night that I’ve been reading/reviewing it. I’m not getting too graphic with the camps’ torture-what I am writing is horrific enough. I’m trying to write something what will hook the reader to want to read more without giving too much away–so I used a lot of your early book before you went there which is how I usually reviw a book. One third of the story then a brief bit and teasers–this was a hard one to read and review–I don’t know how you are still here!!


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