Dedication to a friend and fellow author, Sandra McLeod Humphrey.

To a friend of mine that recently died in a house fire along with her husband, may they RIP, and God Bless them both.
             Sandra McLeod Humphrey– who was the author of several childrens books.   Sandra,   you will be truly missed by so many. Sometimes in life we meet people that we never get to experience what that person was all about, but theres something inside you that says this person is special and worth knowing. I believe you were that person for me. I feel like I’m cheated but it was that age old adage I always said to myself I will get to know this person better when I get time, or I will peruse her books when I get time, of course we never let ourselves have that time. We always seem so caught up in things that truly are meaningless and not worthy of our time like a possible good friend could have been.
I will miss you and the woman I didn’t get to know will be missed more because she truly was  a great person, and your reputation spoke to the type of individual you were.
and it wasn’t just my loss it was a loss for the literary world.  She had sent me an autographed copy of her book “They stood ALONE 25 mena and women who made a difference”  I suggest anyone who loves to hear about heroes and pioneers  read this book.  Sandra was prolific with childrens books, but this was a winner no matter what age group.
Thank you Sandra you left behind so many “GREAT” books to teach and entertain children, and after all educating our youth makes you a Perennial being!
Lori Foroozandeh   fellow author and friend.

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