Interview with Jackie Anton

Lori’s Song by Lori Foroozandeh.  My interview with Jackie Anton.  A wonderful blogger who chose to interview authors and bloggers.  Please visit her site often to see the latest reviews.

5 thoughts on “Interview with Jackie Anton

  1. This has been an interesting interview and gave me a little tiny insight into your past which I figure will be described in your book as well. I added it to my pile of books to read and I’m very curious.
    Thanks for letting me peek.


    • Thank you Sharla, you’ve been a stauch supporter of me and my work. I can only say MANY THANKS, and by the GRACE OF GOD, I’m here and it must be for a reason.
      Did you see the Discovery Channel interview?


      • I am sad to say I did not..I send several messages to you trying to confirm where it was being broadcast. I went to one site but could not find yours. Do you have a link?


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