Gun violence in schools

I thought this article was excellent in it’s explanation of arming teachers in order to protect students. It was posted by a retired school teacher and it has covered aspects of the situation that I never thought of….welll done Mr. Thomas!

3 thoughts on “Gun violence in schools

    • Thank you so much Raani, I will get to this ASAP, right now we are trying to find my son a house within his price range and we have to get him into it quick because he is about to run out of time in his other place. But I will definitely get to this I promise you, and your a gem to award me this, I wish I could reciprocate but you KNOW YOUR BLOG IS GREAT:)


  1. I think having untrained armed teachers would be a nightmare. Teachers are just as likely to go berserk as anyone else and it could really backfire. The schools need to be guarded by professionals.


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