Parkinsons- Shaken not Stirred





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I would like to introduce you to a writer with considerable knowledge of Parkinson’s.  Elaine Benton has written a book regarding her feelings and poems on Parkinson’s.  She suffers from the disease and is one brave and strong woman to bring a humorous light to her illness.  The following is on her authors page:

Elaine was born in England, diagnosed at the age of five with Gaucher disease; a rare inherited disorder, for which there is no cure. At the age of 44, she was dealt a second blow and diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Battling two diseases, Elaine’s writing is inspirational and quite extraordinary. Elaine’s writing offers support and comfort to fellow sufferers and caregivers, relating to their daily struggles. From personal experience she has written with stark honesty and humor, something patients and doctors rarely get to read which has captured world-wide attention, giving a fresh perspective from the patient’s view. Despite ill health and adversity, Elaine tells her story of growing up with Gaucher, and battling Parkinson’s, whilst remaining positive and living life to the full. Although there is a serious undertone to her writing, a strong sense of humor runs throughout as she recounts true stories which have happened over the years, pouring her heart and soul into her writing, sending a strong message of hope, whilst bringing greater awareness of these two diseases to the general public. Elaine has also written a fictional book entitled: “Slipping Through Time”, a mystery/adventure story, appealing to all ages. Elaine writes a daily blog reaching out to Gaucher and Parkinson’s sufferers, touching on a wide range of varied topics related to living with chronic disease.

The following are links to Elaine’s websites and blog.                           Her blog is:   Her Amazon book is at:

I encourage you to visit her sites.  I think she is truly an amazing woman.

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  1. Wow, Lori. I really enjoyed your blog post. It’s written very sensitively and well. It’s a serious subject and I think you touch it with your finger tips!


  2. This book sounds like a winner-I’ll check itout–nice post, Lori. have you been getting my blog notices–No one is visiting and I have two new ones up–


    • Micki,
      Yes I’ve been there and I’ve commented on a couple too, haven’t you seen them, including your last post regarding Mothers Day I posted on.


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