Yesterday a celebrity James Gandofini died.  A lot of people remember him from the “Sopranos”.  I never watched that show, but liked the man nonetheless, he was so young when he died 51!! If we think about it most who read this blog are around that age.  Why is it when someone dies close to our age, we start to take a hard look at life and how short it is, and then go on to make resolutions to be a better person and get things done or go places we always wanted to, but then the next day comes and we forget it.  Back to the same old rat race, and living like we are immortal.

We need to appreciate life more, if we have to write that on a post it note and put it on our refrigerators then so be it.  We have such a short time here on earth and most of us have people around us that life is worth living for, so why don’t we embrace it.   It’s because we don’t want to think about the unacceptable….Death.  People become uncomfortable making funeral arrangements or filling out living wills, but these are things that must be done in order to make those that we love have an easier time once were gone.  Dying is a part of life, and trust me I’m scared to hell of it.  Most people think I’m not because of what I’ve been through but trust me I am.  But another thing I’m guilty of is not appreciating life and those around me the way I should.  I have the best man I could have ever hoped for, he sold his business to stay home and take care of me 24/7 when I was going through my seizures, the quick cycling of my bipolar and the horrific flashbacks of my PTSD.  He doesn’t smoke, drink, do drugs or hit women, I doubt very much he has a speeding ticket.  He is 180 degrees opposite of what I ever would have chosen in my life prior to 2005.  If he hadn’t been so persistent I probably wouldn’t be with him right now.  But I am and am so happy that he is my “babycakes”.  Another person who has learned to live and embrace life is Micki Peluso, the author of “And The Whippoorwill Sang” her daughter was killed by a drink driver, but Micki went on to cherish life and share what she had learned from the whole incident.  Her book is a true inspirational dedication to her daughter, yet the book shows life too, they were a close family and she shared their ups and downs in this book and it was humorous at times, sad at times, even made you angry, but this book shares with people the point that you don’t have to “die” when someone you loves does.

Another fellow author passed last year and she was a kindhearted woman who wrote childrens books, Sandra McLeod Humphrey

I remember after hearing she died and promising myself that I would appreciate life more, then the next day I was back to myself again.   I’m not saying the internet is a reason to get up in the morning but it sure does make us aware that we actually have friends online we can talk to if we are feeling down.  I’m bringing this up because you can share your thoughts and hopes and desires with those friends you meet online and sometimes they truly listen:):)  There is a big suicide rate right now and I just want those out there who have people close to them or they themselves are considering it, to talk to someone right away!!  I have just met this WONDERFUL GROUP of writers in a group that post book excerpts every Friday to introduce our books to people, as well as meet the readers of those books.

I belong to another group of writers that are so kind and I have become part of their circle and am glad to be,

All of you are welcome to join us at these blogs too.  The point I’m trying to make and it’s not promoting these people but giving them credit to make my life seem a little more “worthy” and important.  I’m on disability and can’t work, yet I’m so bored at home that I go out of my mind.  Then today I was thinking “I should feel VERY FORTUNATE, how many people can decide to get out of bed, watch “LETS MAKE A DEAL” then the “PRICE IS RIGHT” go back to sleep until 12:30 watch YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, then BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, then decide to get out of bed and play with my cats, and then finally turn the internet on to interact with people who REALLY want to interact with me.

I’m not a very social person in real life, even talking on the phone is a phobia for me.  I think it goes back to when my mom took that call I made from that prisoner camp and she thought I was lying to her or high when I told her she had to contact the Swiss Embassy and get me out of there.  Ever since then talking on the phone is very stressful for me.  And friends..ha, I’ve tried a couple times, but I’m a rapid cycler bipolar, and that and friends don’t mix well.  Too many funny stories to relate in this post.  But anyway the point I’m trying to make is we all have choices in life and we need to realize more often that life might be fleeting and we could be dead tomorrow.  So always kiss your significant other and/or children good night.  ALWAYS tell those that you love that you love them everyday, or even when they leave the house.  My rule is you can’t say I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH!

Put a post it note on your fridge and write “APPRECIATE LIFE’ on it.  Write another note underneath it that says “KISS AND TELL PEOPLE I LOVE THEM: pets included.

There I’m done rambling, but I hope this helps someone in realizing they need to take life seriously and really ENJOY IT and those around you before it’s too late.

God Bless to all, and I hope I haven’t offended anyone:)


5 thoughts on “Living….APPRECIATE IT!

  1. Wonderful post, Lori! When I was notified the latter part of March that my brother-in-law had passed away, it felt good to reflect back on our last conversation where my last words to him were “I love you.” Then, just recently, in fact, the same day as this post, my precious cat, Bootsie, died. Never thought when I took her to the vet that she would not be coming home. I visited her that afternoon and told her how much I loved her and missed her. That was the last time I saw her. We never know, do we? Life is so precious…live the moment!


    • Oh Sharla, I’m soooooo sorry about your cat. I have two cats and love them to death, so I can’t imagine losing them (they are 10). What was wrong with Bootsie? Life is precious and we might pay attention to words of wisdom and attempt a path where we appreciate life more but it gets lost amidst the chaos of everyday life. I say put a POST IT NOTE UP…..if it’s staring you in the face everyday then you might actually start to act differently. I am so thankful of what I have and the kitties and John and my son. My bipolar will only allow me to tolerate people for about an hour or two before I start getting irritated. And yet these people don’t do anything to irritate me, but it just happens, yet I do appreciate the time I’ve shared with people and relatives. The shorter the time, the more meaningful it is to me.


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