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Hi all,

I’m going to start featuring fellow Authors.  These are writers who have published books about various subjects, e.g. Romance, erotica, suspense, mostly fiction but some are non-fiction.  Most of these authors have written more than one book and some have series in their books.

These authors are EXCELLENT writers and their work needs to be showcased.  They have taken me in like family and are pretty awesome people as well.  As soon as I get some replies to questions I will start featuring them.  If you know an author who would like to be featured on this blog have them email me at: lori@loris-song.com and put BLOG in subject.

Thank you and I look forward to your comments on these books to be featured.  And if you do happen to read one the author would very much appreciate a review on Goodreads, Amazon or etal.

Thank you, and just to get us started, don’t forget my book, “Lori’s Song”. It is now a TWO TIME award winner!!!


The link for my book is:


Thank you.  And also if you have any subjects or posts you would like to initiate on the blog please email me your suggestions at the above email. Thank you again, Lori

3 thoughts on “Featuring Authors

  1. Lori, What a wonderful opportunity for us authors. That is so nice of you and generous. I’ll be looking forward for your future posts.
    Cynthia B Ainsworthe, Author
    Front Row Center, IPPY Award Winner


  2. Lori: I read your book and I cannot for the life of me understand how you survived what you went through. I lost my only child to a car accident and it has been so hard, but what you endured is beyond my comprehension.

    I have told so many friends about your book,

    God Bless you Lori

    Sue Murray


    • Sue,
      I’m so SORRY for your loss, I can’t imagine the death of a child. You are such a strong woman, your ability to read my book and reply tells me that you are coping with your loss. We all experience pain in very personal ways, and I don’t think anyone’s pain is worse than another’s because we as individuals only know what we can handle or what pains us the most. I made it not day by day but minute by minute. I saw atrocities that would make you question the human race as a whole. I will never think that we are ALL compassionate people, again. But I do believe that this type of barbarism is very concentrated in that area they call the “MIDDLE EAST”. I’m sure they have incidents in other countries, but when people consider it COMPASSIONATE to allow a mother to walk her daughter up to a noose and spend five minutes with her before they hang her, tells me a LOT about those people as a whole. There were kind women in that country as well. That is why I wrote an article on Iranian women, the link is on the first page of the blog. I thank you so much in taking time to comment on my book. May I ask if you’ve done a review on Amazon yet? I would appreciate someone with your heart to give me a review. Thank you so much Sue and you are in my prayers. God Bless, Lori


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