Featured Author: D.P. Memory

Featured Author:

D.P. Memory


1. Please introduce yourself. Tell us a little about the person behind the pen.

I am D. P. Memory and I live in Mars, Pennsylvania with my husband Jerry.  My passion for books began at a very young age.  After reading voraciously for many, many years I decided to tell my own story.  ‘Love is Patient’ is a work of fiction, but I strived to make the characters as real as you and me. I am working on a second novel ‘Love is Kind’, so you will hear more escapades involving all of the characters you loved in ‘Love is Patient’.

2. What made you decide to write (the genre of your book), were there any influencing factors, or were any of the stories based on true events.

I love the works of Nora Roberts and Judith McNaught.  I wanted my characters to be real to my readers and to be loved by them.   Over the course of several years, I just kept putting the story together.  When 9/11 happened, I added it to my story to make the book suspenseful.  It’s not just a story about 9/11, it is an exciting, heart wrenching love story and full of intense suspense.

3. How do you promote your book, and do you find that difficult or just par for the course.

I promote my book via Facebook & Twitter and I have a blog.  I find those very time consuming but necessary.  I also purchase ads on some of the companies sending out e-mails to readers.  Some of those have been very successful and others have been a waste of funds.  I do get more sales when I advertise.

4. Do you remember your first review and how it made you feel? (If it was a bad one, also tell about your good one too).

I had to go back and see which review was first.   It was 4 stars and a very nice write up so I was very pleased with it.

5. Tell us about your book and if it’s a series and how the public is reacting to this book.

LOVE IS PATIENT is not a series even though I’m writing about some of the same characters in my next novel.  LOVE IS PATIENT is a suspenseful thriller and a heart wrenching love story.  You will laugh and cry as the story unfolds.  The characters will win your heart and of course there are a few villains you will love to hate.

The book is getting good reviews and I have sold over 2,000 copies for kindles.  It is coming out in paperback now, so I will be curious how the public will react to those.  Sales definitely improve when I advertise.  I would be very happy to see sales sky rocket with work of mouth instead.

6. Can you share any and all links that are important to you as a person and the book? (You can relate more to a book if you know more about the author).

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/memorydp

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/memorydp

Blog:  http://dpmemory.blogspot.com/


7. I’ll wrap it up with this question since “7” is a lucky numberJ. Can you share an excerpt from your book, and I’d like to thank you so much for taking time to share your book with me. Please share as much as you’d like.


Fran Kadylak is recovering from surgery that has stripped her of any hope she had of ever bearing the children she and her husband Ken have been praying for.  She is going to leave her darling husband because she loves him too much to deprive him of the children he longs for.

Fran’s mother and Ken’s aunt are scheming together to get the young couple back together again.  Aunt Alicia came up with the perfect solution to their broken hearts.  She volunteers to be a surrogate mother for Fran and Ken.  Alicia’s family is dumbfounded that she would be willing to go through a risky pregnancy when her own two sons are already teens.  Her husband, Jonathan, is demanding guarantees that his own wife’s health won’t be sacrificed in the bargain.

Fran and Ken can’t believe their good fortune when Aunt Alicia’s invitro fertilization goes so well she is pregnant with not one, but twin infants.  Now Fran and Ken have gotten their lives back on track.  Aunt Alicia’s pregnancy is well underway at home in Mars, PA. Fran and Ken are taking off to New York City for a job interview that could mean a big promotion for Ken. They will be meeting with a financial advisor at the famous WorldTradeCenter to discuss how to invest some money Fran inherited from her grandmother.  Fran and Ken are rejoicing; life is perfect.

The date is September 10, 2001.

***D.P. is a colleague of mine and a fantastic writer, I urge you to check her work out.

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