“READERS ROCK” February Edition-Recipes for Romance :)

READERS ROCK” February’s edition is out now, it’s an up and coming great magazine for readers who want to find new books/and learn about the authors.  It is hot and has to be the best new mag online.  Make sure you check out the “RECIPES FOR ROMANCE” and pg. 46-47 *that’s MY PAGE

Don’t miss the articles RECIPES FOR ROMANCE

Mine is (of a happy marriage)

1C of Couldn’t stop smiling
1C of Understanding
10C of Trust
Stir while adding 1C of “do something for nothing incidents”. (Surprise w/flowers, or a card just because)
Knead (Need) the dough and shape them into BIG hearts and
Cook for about 1 hour on high and the remaining lifetime on not too high or it will get burned but understandably high enough to fit with the situations at hand.
Finally take them out of the oven and put them on a shelf that’s high so nothing can interfere with them and let them live the rest of their lives happily ever after.
Everyone BE HAPPY and have a GREAT VALENTINES DAY!!!