Merry Christmas fellow AUTHORS & READERS- Join us. at…..


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Virtual Ebook Fair – Author & Book Bash!!! 


Hosted by Award winning author: Tammie Clark Gibbs.   

This is where AUTHORS can share their work and answer questions about their writings to READERS.


It’s time to join the JINGLE BELLS, MISTLETOE & MAGIC !!

It’s FREE to participate and lots of fun, but you can’t benefit if you haven’t joined. Click here to read the pdf and sign up to reserve your spot.…/0BwfCZvCd_RUUaVJTVDVmUk1OS…/view…

READERS: this is where you can peruse new books from best selling, award winning authors.  You will definitely find the book your looking for to EXCITE YOUR MIND!

READERS: Please visit to sign up for giveaways and a FREE subscriptions to Reader’s Rock Digital Magazine

This magazine is published monthly and is also put together by the hardworking, bestselling  author Tammie Clark Gibbs.

I am part of this exciting event but I’d also like to share with everyone that if your interested in a PERSONALLY SIGNED copy (paperback), all you have to do is send a payment to paypal of 17.00 and send me your mailing address.  If further information is needed just email me at:

I hope you will join us and find some great, unique books to read and promote.


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7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas fellow AUTHORS & READERS- Join us. at…..

  1. I do wish you Merry Christmas too! All the Best to you and your family, Lori! I do have my own event today, but I might try to step by tomorrow!


    • P.S. You did get my email in which I was telling you that your interview had been published a while ago, did you?


      • NO I didn’t, I’ve been so overwhelmed with this back problem and doctors wondering what the heck is wrong. I go to the Michigan Head and Spine Institute right after the New Year. GOD I hope they figure something out this pain is worse than when my hip was waiting for a replacement. Thank you Raani for all your support. If there is ANYTHING I CAN DO to help you let me know. 🙂


  2. Oh Lori, I did receive it but was sick again and forgot todaywas the day I’ll check out the site now at 9PM EST in the hope that I’m not too late. Good luck with this!!



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