Goodbye my Bandit

I was just looking over my blog and getting ready to make some changes to it when I found this draft; and to my surprise I had never posted it.

This was my BFF who died and had been with me  for 12 years. I rescued him from this home that had dozens of cats all put into these carriers.  There were 10 kittens stuffed into these carriers and they were starving and were getting hit by kids that were there.  I got you , then called animal control and those people got fined and their kittens taken away.   I couldn’t believe that I had left this as a draft and never published it so people would see what a wonderful friend you had been to me.

I’m sorry Bandit, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about you.  I wear your designated ring, I have your designated necklace hanging from my rearview mirror, and I have your memories with me ALWAYS!




I had this gravestone made for you, but I opted instead to make my own.  Your grave sits right out over the swamp by the edge of the trees where you liked to go and just sat there for hours.  You helped me get over a lot of grief by making me laugh or distracting me when you sensed me getting sad.  You never displayed anger, aggressiveness, never scratched or bit anything or one 🙂  You were such a good little guy.  I miss you so much and when you died I felt like my heart had been ripped out.  I add something to your grave every year and keep it beautiful in the summer by re-landscaping it:)  Your buried in your favorite purple blanket but that is not how I will remember you.  I will remember the times you sat on my lap and put your paw over my arm when I started crying about things that had happened to me, then you would look at me and I just knew you knew.  You took care of Ringo when I brought him home ( a little rescue kitten we thought would die) see below.  You two looked like brothers and you treated him ever so gently when he first came to us, but you helped me get him better by cuddling with him to kee

p him warm, you gave him baths, and you just layed silently next to him for hours just to keep him secure.  You were such a great guy.  Words can’t say enough for how I feel about you.  I know your in heaven and have crossed Rainbow Bridge, and I know your still looking over Ringo (he has diabetes) and his little friend Missy ( a tortie kitty that has made Ringo’s life miserable).  But I know that while your looking after him your also looking after us.  I can’t wait to see you again Bandit Boy!  You are always with me.  Peace little guy.


This was the original draft that never got posted.

Today 11/30/2015 My best friend Bandit died.  He was with me for 12 years and I’m so blessed to have had him in my life.  He was the best cat you could hope for.

He was with me through the whole time I wrote my book.  He used to get on my lap and play with the keyboard or paw my hands to get me to stop and pay attention to him.  He LOVED JOHN.  While John might not look thrilled at the moment it’s due to not wanting his picture taken, not because Bandit was on his lap and “claiming him”.  He would come and sit on John’s lap every night and would put his paw on John’s arm like he’s doing here..  484904_3215823227595_1022629225_n