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My name is Lori Foroozandeh and my life started out with physical abuse at 6 months old to  the point of being taken away from my parents.  When my adoptive family took me they told me I had cigarette burns all over my body, and sores on my butt from never getting my diaper changed.  Wait it gets better from here:

  • At 11 I was molested by my adoptive brother.
  • At 18 I had my first child, enlisted in the army and married my recruiter.
  • Went AWOL from the army due to my husband ran off with another woman and took my son.
  • Soon after this I became a truck driver to stay mobile so the MP’s wouldn’t catch me for being AWOL.
  • At 27 I met and eventually married a middle eastern man who turned out to be a terrorist and took me to Iran and wouldn’t let me return to the USA.
  • The day after 911 I was put into a POW type camp in the middle of nowhere, Iran.  I was tortured, beaten and raped for six weeks.  Eventually escaped and got back to the USA.

So yes my life has been eventful and you can read about all my ordeals in my award winning book;  “Lori’s Song”.  Available on Amazon and through my website.


My website is:  www.loris-song.com

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34 thoughts on “About “Lori’s Song”

  1. Lori, your courage and strength are an example to follow. It cannot be easy to write about such experiences, yet what I admire the most is that you’ve made it your mission to help others. You are a remarkable writer and a wonderful person.
    Much love to you,

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    • THANK YOU SO MUCH RAANI. Your such a GREAT source of support for me and other authors and I appreciate you sooooo much! 🙂 as I’m sure the other
      authors do too. I will gladly and humbly accept the award. Lori

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  2. enjoyed this page keep strong and keep up the good fight. welcome back home. don’t know you but have read so much about islam and every thing. only thing that saved you was GOD and his mercy. I think he has given you a job to do. and that is to spread the truth. about what you know. and from what I have read you know a lot of truth spread the word. GOD BLESS STAY SAFE.

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  3. Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up.
    The words in your article seem to be running off the screen in Ie.
    I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let
    you know. The design and style look great though!
    Hope you get the problem fixed soon. Kudos

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    • Thank you, but I guess I don’t see it. But thank you, I do remember seeing it on the very first page but it looks like it disappeared, can you give me the link to the page where it’s evident. Thank you. Lori

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        I’ve been going through a lot in my life right now, well for the past few years. I just had back surgery and came out of surgery with a paralyzed right foot. So I’m sorry if I don’t read your post right away I’m really dealing with a lot and I plan on posting more so thank you for coming and your comments. Don’t forget I have a website http://www.loris-song.com it’s about my book Lori’s Song where I was held captive in IRAN during 9/11. I married an Iranian and when you arrive in Iran they take all of your identification, and you need your husbands written permission to leave the country. He would not give it to me for almost 4 years then the day after 9/11 he put me into a POW camp. Which was 6 weeks of torture rapes, when I finally escaped I came home weighing only 70 pounds and most of my teeth were knocked out. There is more to my book than just IRAN it also talks about my sexual abuse at 10 by my brother. So I hope you all at least go to the website it has pictures of my students in Iran, and other picture sections. Thank you again for following my blog.


  4. Lori, abuse is a terrible thing because even when we think we put it away in the past, the subconscious mind keeps it neatly tucked inside us–causing all kinds of physical and emotional/mental disorders. I was abused as a baby, toddler and child and I just keep praying for God to remove it from my inner mind and toss it beyond space as time as I want to be done with it. You have grown enormously through your ordeal as written in your outstanding book which I read and reviewed. Your have truly gone through hell and come out on the other side. I salute you!!

    Love, Micki

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  5. Lori, this is incredible and to think you survived! I had read about Iran but did not know your background. Just found this link on Klout. My heart goes out to you and I admire you for your strength and endurance throughout your life.

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  6. Lori although I speak of somr abuse in my life when I was young I had to downplay it and leave the bad things our due to the pain I would cause to those still alive,You give me inspiration and strength

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