Discovery Channel documentary AIR DATE!!!


I was informed by the producer of the Discovery Channel that my documentary would air on 12-272012 at 10pm on Discovery Fit and Health.  I will be looking forward to your comments, and I hope the truth will prevail, it could only help me and my future advertisement endeavors more!  Thank you all for supporting me through this time!


6 thoughts on “Discovery Channel documentary AIR DATE!!!

    • Lori, is that PST, CST or EST? Let’s stay in touch and I will post this on Awakenings the morning of the 27th. Then, it can be Tweeted, Scooped, Pinned and Shared.


      • EST Sharla, and I did post like you said did you see it? I get so confused, and I did include Awakenings in this new blog award.
        Is there any that you think I didn’t have the websites for or got confused on who’s website belonged to who? Like Micki has two blogs, and so do you right? Isn’t Awakenings yours too? At least I think I got three stars, didn’t you write me and say I had? Sorry if I’m becoming confused on this, I have ALOT on my mind some of which I can’t share. Thanks.


      • Thanks about the time clarification. I am also on EST. You did fine with the post, Lori! Glad I could help out and yes, catnipoflife and Awakenings are both mine. catnipoflife has more followers and receives the most comments but Awakenings gets the most hits/views…thousands more. Go figure! Awakenings has received her first star from Jeannette Anderson.


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